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All Things Open Source - SHEROES in Tech Meet-Up


Venue: SHEROES Office, New Delhi

Date: 31 August 2019

SHEROES has always believed that women should take over the world in every field and this time we supported all the amazing young Women in TECH. We successfully organized 'All Things Open Source' - a meet-up for students and working professionals. The aim of the event was to expose our participants to the field of Open Source and help them build their skills & stand in the tech-world professionally. This was followed by a hands-on workshop on Git & GitHub because we believe in making things happen. 

Most intimidating incident in College

By SCL Anushka Narula, Shubhi Khanna, Anusha Mittal

Venue: Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical Universtiy for Women

Date: 1 September 2019

We conducted an online event in our SCL IGDUTW community on SHEROES, in which students had to post their most intimidating moment in college, in the community. This post could be in the form of a story, poem or a write-up. We received 5 entries in total. This event turned out to be fruitful because firstly we could get awesome entries and secondly that the number of members in the community rose up to 99 and is bound to increase to a higher number. 

SHEROES Campus Club Launch Event

By SCL Anushka Narula, Shubhi Khanna, Anusha Mittal

Venue: Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical Universtiy for Women

Date: 21 August 2019

We conducted the Treasure Hunt event having a total of 120 women in tech participating. It was a team event, with 2 members in each team. The event was conducted in rounds, with 5 teams in each round. In a particular round, all the teams had the same set of clues and had to find the answers within the time limit. The winners were given badges provided to us by Sheroes.  

The theme of the event was Red where every participant had to come dressed in Red. 

SHEROES Club Orientation- IGDTUW

By SCL Anushka Narula, Shubhi Khanna, Anusha Mittal

Venue: Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical Universtiy for Women

Date: 6 August 2019

We conducted the orientation along with that of Instinct for around 170 women in tech in our campus. We introduced Sheroes as a wing under Instinct. Firstly, we had a brief welcome note by Instinct's senior most Core Member, by this time the students settled down in the classroom. Then we played the movie 'Orientation 5.0'. After this, we started with the sessions, in which along with each slide, one of our core member explained it. In this way, we explained and covered all the wings under Instinct & introduced them to SHEROES. 

Introduction to SHEROES Campus Club on International Women's Day 2019

By SCL Anushree Vaidya

Venue: Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology

Date: 8 March 2019

On the occasion of International Women's Day 2019, Anushree organized Sheroes Campus Club's official introduction session on the theme: "Embracing Women's Potential".

Speakers: Ms.Juily Wagle (Mrs.Maharashtra and a wellness coach), Ms. Koshika Krishna (Founder of SEHER, changemaker at change.org). 

LET'S Get FIT- Introduction to SHEROES

By SCL Mansi Anand

Venue: Lovely Professional University

Date: 8 May 2019

With the hard work of my SHEROES team we conducted our first event called "LET's Get FIT", in which we had a strength of 14 girls who participated in the event, we conducted a skipping competition just to check the stamina of our participants.

Next, we conducted a ring round, in which we tested the balancing capacity of an individual. 

These rounds came up with immense happiness and joy to our participants, then, at last, we gave a small talk to our participants like in what all ways they can involve a healthy routine in their daily life. 

Also, be given an induction for "Sheroes", told what it is about, how it is helping the women out there in the society, what impacts *Sheroes* is making.

The girls were very much motivated and thanked my team for conducting such a fun and engaging activity, we got complimented from our warden ma'am also for taking such a nice initiative by SHEROES.


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